If you enjoy taking care of animals, but need to find better ways of communicating with pet owners, consider using text messages in addition to email and traditional phone correspondence. Not only will you be able to quickly communicate with people, you can also market new products and services immediately (and save time and money in developing marketing materials like brochures and fliers).

Schedule Appointments

Easily schedule and confirm veterinarian, grooming or pet day care appointments. Send SMS notifications for upcoming appointments to confirm or to reschedule as necessary. Imagine being able to quickly fill a suddenly open spot by sending a few messages to those on your list. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing money every time someone cancels or doesn’t show up.

Automating appointment reminders is very easy and a feature that most text message services provide. For regular pet grooming appointments, send monthly or bi-monthly reminders so pet owners don’t forget.

Provide Emergency Care

If a pet suddenly becomes ill during non-business hours and a pet owner calls to ask for advice, you can quickly send emergency care information such as phone numbers to emergency animal care centres, animal control agencies or to reputable websites that can provide step-by-step instructions or advice for clipping an animal’s nails, removing splinters or calming an upset stomach (or any other non life threatening emergency).

This is a great way to provide additional customer service during non-business hours. Even if you’re not available by phone, pet owners can still reach you to ask for advice when they need it.

Market New Products/Services

Instead of spending hours putting up fliers or creating colourful, but expensive brochures and pamphlets, try sending text messages to promote new products and services. Pet owners will appreciate knowing how your business can benefit both them and their pets. Advertise new products such as grooming supplies, pet food, shampoos, toys and more. You can also advertise new services such as teeth cleaning, vision care and specials for grooming.

Build a Reputable Business

Through SMS messaging, you can build a reputable local business. By advertising to those who already use your services, you can encourage more frequent appointments, provide valuable advice and pet care tips and encourage people to spread the word. All pet owners have to do is forward your phone number to their friends and family via their mobile phone. This is a great way to increase business without having to go out of your way to solicit referrals.