Informing customers and clients of the many other ways you advertise and market goods and services online helps increase sales, encourage referrals and increases your online presence. Use text messages to get people to visit websites, blogs, social media pages and other places you advertise.

Hey, Guess What…

Send bulk text messages announcing your new fan page or other online marketing channels to increase traffic. Subscribers who already enjoy hearing from you will be thrilled to visit your page, leave comments and read posted content. Send a quick message that includes links to websites, social media pages and other online content such as blogs and forums so subscribers can easily find you.

Use the power of text messages to encourage people to visit these marketing channels – this is where you do the real selling of products, so getting as many people as possible to visit these sites is an important part of your marketing campaign.

Market Your Email List

If SMS subscribers aren’t also on your email list, why not? Cross-marketing is very important and easy once you have a person’s attention (you already got them to sign up to receive SMS notifications). Send a link to your landing page or sign up form and encourage subscribers to join in on the fun. Mention that you really want them to join and that it will benefit them in the long run.

Do the same with those on your email list. Encourage subscribers to join your SMS list. Connecting with people on multiple levels is the best way to stay relevant in their lives – especially with all the competition from friends, family, other marketers, television, Internet and day-to-day tasks subscribers have to deal with.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Send periodic text messages highlighting popular products. Create a sale of the day announcement to boost traffic (and hopefully sales). Include a link to your site and the name of your business so subscribers know they’re at the right place.

Highlight Video Content, Webinars

Use text messages to promote new video content or to get people to sign for a webinar or eCourse you’re offering. As most people can view video content directly from their phone, this is a great way to get people’s attention instantly and hold it for a few minutes while they view your video. Always include a link to your website on the video page so people can place an order immediately if they really like what they see.