Want to know how to get the best out of your SMS campaign? Follow these three text marketing ideas for outstanding results.

Make it “exclusive”

Marketing professionals know why exclusivity pays. Rarity exudes quality and value, which translates to status. A market research site asserts that “the need for recognition and status is at the heart of every consumer trend.” Why do you think people queue up when a new product is launched? iPhone5 anyone?

This only means that if you want to encourage people to opt in—and remain in your list—you must make your subscribers feel special by making your texts “exclusive.” Offer a “SMS subscribers only” discount SMS voucher that they can use to get a discount on their purchase on their next visit. Better yet, encourage more SMS sign ups by giving a gift or a discount whenever they opt in.

Sign up a friend, get a gift

People like free stuff, especially when it doesn’t take much from them to get it. People also like sharing information about great deals with their family and friends. Take advantage of this information. Give your customers great deals AND get them to share this with friends.

How? Have your customers forward a text offering a gift or a special discount to friends not in your opt in list. Friends need to text in to a special SMS short code and opt in. After which, they will receive a confirmation text with the special voucher that they can use to redeem the special offer from your establishment.

Integrate with other media

To make the most of any marketing campaign, creating synergies with other marketing tools you use is key. You can use other media—social media, Internet and events, among others—to increase your opt in list. Or vice versa, use your SMS marketing list to increase social media followers, website traffic or events attendance.

Do you have a social media campaign? Let your Facebook and Twitter followers that they can opt in your SMS marketing list. Or are you just launching a social media campaign or a website? Encourage your opt in subscribers to visit your pages by sending them a link to these pages.

Do you have a mobile app that you’re promoting? Send your subscribers a download link.

Organizing a promotional event? Ask invitees to register and confirm their attendance through SMS.