Keep it simple.

Simple always wins. Keep your messages uncomplicated to avoid confusion.

Stick to one message. If you’re inviting your subscribers to attend a special event for a product launch, don’t muddle the message by letting them know about your big sale that is to happen a week after in the same text. People might get the wrong message and think that both events are happening on the same day.

But if your message includes a lot of details or running multiple deals and programs that are related to each others, send a brief text containing the gist of what you want to say and direct them to your website or social media page, which contains the complete information, by including a link in the message.

Here’s an example: FREE shipping this Tues! Go to for details. 

Be thoughtful.

Make your customers feel special by sending them a special message on their birthdays! You can do this through the SMS automation feature provided in your text marketing services. Better yet, sweeten the pot by offering an exclusive birthday offer.

You can text: Happy birthday! Show this message and get 30% off on spa services today!

This is a great idea because it not only makes your customers feel special, but it also encourages a sale!


Your SMS campaign need not stand alone. Use other marketing tools to your advantage. Encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to opt in your SMS list. Or vice versa—encourage your SMS subscribers to follow your social media page or visit your website to increase online traffic.

Holding a promotional event? Encourage your invitees to RSVP to an event through SMS.

Encourage sharing.

Want more people to participate in your promos? Ask them to forward the message to their friends! Sometimes all you need is to ask.

Here’s a sample: Come to the annual winter weekend sale, up to 90% off! Invite your friends!

Mind the time.

Always send marketing texts at the appropriate time. It is ideal that you send them during business hours. It lets your customers know that you respect their time and privacy.

Make it personal.

Consider the following two messages:

Message #1: Hello there, visit The Lillypad and get 20% off our lunch menu.

Message #2: Hi Leila, come to the Lillypad and enjoy 20% off on our lunch menu.

If you were Leila, which message would you immediately take notice? You’d certainly give message #2 your attention because it was addressed to you.