Of all the marketing tools available to business — email, websites, social media, traditional media, etc., SMS marketing is the most direct and has the potential to be the most personal. As mobile phones become a permanent fixture in people’s lives, sending SMS marketing messages may prove to be the shortest path between you and your customers.

However, unlike other media, the text marketing platform lacks fancy features — sounds, images, colour — that are staples in traditional and online media. Whether it grabs its recipient’s attention — and whether the recipient finds it important and interesting enough to pass on to people on their contact list — all depends on its content.

But content is only as good as its copy. And with a 160-character limit, it can be quite a challenge. In bulk text message marketing, you have to choose your words carefully and wisely. Here are a few words and phrases that are sure to attract the attention of your opt in subscribers:

1.     Hurry, last ___ days! or Hurry, last few pieces remaining!

Nothing sets people’s pants on fire faster than a limited offer — that’s because people don’t want to lose out on great deals. Marketers have long known that most people would not pass on what may be a great opportunity.

2.     Free! You may also use Bonus!

Who doesn’t want a free offer?

Want to get more attention? Capitalize the entire word for more impact.

3.     It’s back!

This phrase gives the impression that you are running a very popular offer — so popular that you just have to bring it back. Those who availed of the previous promo would remember it — and those who haven’t just might get curious. 

4.     Save time! or Save money!

People want to save — whether it’s time or money. This is great to use when running price off promotions or offering a new service that will make things more convenient for your customers.

5.     Thank you!

Your customers feel appreciated when you thank them. This phrase is best used when introducing a loyalty program or offering an exclusive voucher.

Caveat: While these words are meant to create an impact, they are only as good as the quality of your promotions and programs. Remember, bulk SMS marketing is merely a communication tool to inform customers of what you have for them. If you want to track the effectiveness of your text messages — and your marketing campaigns — don’t forget to track and measure response rates, among other metrics.