In many ways, SMS, or text marketing, is a product of the advertising world. But, having said that, the platform has undergone such radical growth in recent years that it has established itself as a fully-fledged marketing platform, all within a relatively short frame of time.

The benefits of employing sms marketing to promote your products and/or services are manifold. However, to help you understand just what enormous potential this new-generation marketing tactic offers, we have compiled the following list of five great reasons to use text marketing in your next campaign.

1. SMS marketing is cost effective. Bulk mobile messaging software gives you a simple, cheap and highly practical platform that all businesses, regardless of their size or position in the market, can benefit from. Comparatively speaking, SMS messaging offers more bang for buck than nearly every other marketing platform, including email marketing, and definitely include traditional mail or print advertising.

2. Compared to more traditional marketing tactics (including email marketing), SMS boasts an extremely high open rate. In fact, recent industry statistics suggest that over 90 percent of all bulk SMS campaigns are accessed and read by recipients within a mere 15 minutes of delivery.

3. Another aspect of SMS marketing worth highlighting is the fact that you can easily send out your messages to the target audience without having to face an ISP filtering mechanism, improving delivery rates, and removing ‘bounce’ costs from your budget. 

4. Bulk mobile messaging enables you to launch specific, targeted campaigns. You can easily focus of your campaigns on specific audiences, or segment your list to send out multiple versions of a similar offer to appeal to your different demographics.

5. SMS marketing is the best and cheapest way to advertise localised offers or contests. It is also a very effective platform to give away discount coupons and other similar rewards to your loyal customers.