As smartphones become permanent fixtures in people’s daily routines, adding SMS marketing in your marketing mix is but a natural progression of most marketing strategies. If you’re still confused about how you can use this marketing approach however, here are 5 unique ways in which you can use SMS to inform and engage your customers.

Generate leads

Did you know that you can use SMS to generate leads? And it’s inexpensive, too!

You can send a text to your customers to ask for referrals or answer surveys. It’s a great complement to your social media campaign, too. Send them a text informing them of your Facebook or Twitter pages, and encourage them to subscribe and post.

Alert customers about product launches, seasonal maintenance, etc.

Some customers are keen on getting the latest information on when the latest product model is going to be launched. You may have busy clients who appreciate text alerts on when they’re due for a product reordering or their next service maintenance. What’s good about these alerts is that your customers consider this as part of your service to them, and not just a marketing approach.

You can also use SMS to follow up on a customer you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.

Promote sales, coupons, specials and limited availability promotions

What customer doesn’t like deals? SMS alerts are the best ways to disseminate information about sales because they will be received by those who are most likely to take advantage of them — the very same customers who opted-in and subscribed to your sales alerts.

Alerting people through SMS about limited availability promotions, such as limited coupons or stocks on limited supply, is an effective strategy of getting people to take action immediately. Because SMS is so instantaneous, it provides that sense of urgency that prompts customers to buy right away.

Announce events

Are you hosting an open house? A special weekend sale or a product launch party? Sending an SMS is a great way to invite your customers, and their friends, too. While you may typically announce such events on your social media page or website, don’t forget to send them a text reminder, too. Why wait for them to go online when you can text them right away?

Provide helpful information, such as tips

Provide value-added service by sending useful tips and information, perhaps how to care for their products or how to maximize their use. The occasional tip will help remind customers about you and keeps you at the top of their minds.