In order to get the best results from your text marketing campaign, you need to be segmenting your subscribers. Segmenting is the process of targeting customers based on location, demographics, nature of activity, or any other custom definition that may be assigned. By using this process, you’re more likely to send the right messages to the right customers, resulting in better response rates and sales.

The good news is that it’s easy as pie.

Know how

Using some kind of texting campaign service will give you access to a huge range of functionality, including list segmentation, that will make life easier and your campaign a whole lot more successful. Self-service options can be very competitively priced and you guidance that makes the difference between success and failure.


It does not make sense to contact subscribers that are not in the area of a localized promotion. Annoying subscribers with irrelevant offers will eat up any goodwill you may have tenuously established, making them a whole lot less likely to co-operate next time you want to get their attention.


Segmentation by demographics can include variables such as income, age, gender, purchasing habits, or marital status provides a similar safeguard. By using your bulk mobile messaging in an accurate way, targeting products to the most relevant audience, your chances of garnering a response are much better. Again, it would not make sense to market a product or service designed for men to the women in your subscribers for example.


Some promotions can be more successful if they are targeted towards subscribers with a specific level of activity, such as those who are most active. Promoting a product or service to a newly registered subscriber can help to grab their attention and inform them of products or services they may be unaware of. Using information about which subscribers have clicked on which message links, or previous messages they have responded to can help you target their interests more specifically for future campaigns.


You can further segment SMS subscribers based on just about anything you choose. Sending a promotional message included with birthday wishes on their date of birth, for example, creates a more personalized experience that is likely to get a good response. Some other possibilities include expectant mothers, engaged couples, and any other significant life event.