This new feature provides your recipients with another method to unsubscribe from your SMS messages, without having to send a reply SMS. This means that if your recipient is out of credit or isn’t able to reply to the message you’ve sent them, they are still able to unsubscribe (as long as they have 3g/4g or wifi access). It’s important to make it as easy as possible for your recipients to unsubscribe to prevent them from becoming agitated, which can lead to all sorts of problems! So this feature aims to make things easier for you and your recipients.

The feature involves adding a link in your SMS message which your recipients can click on. This will take them to a page on their phone where they’re able to hit a simple unsubscribe button (they’re also able to leave an optional message). Once your recipient clicks the button they will be automatically unsubscribed from your list and added to your suppression list (preventing them from receiving further messages from you). See how to add the new unsubscribe links below.

Step by Step Guide to Adding an Unsubscribe Link

To insert an unsubscribe link in a texta campaign, we will start straight from scratch creating a text campaign to best illustrate the process. Click on “messages” from the above navbar and click on “create new SMS campaign”.

Give your SMS campaign a relevant name.

Web to SMS services by Texta

Select which list/s the campaign is aimed at.

Web to SMS services by Texta

Select a campaign type that is relevant to your campaign agenda. For now we will use “Broadcast sms” for simplicity’s sake.

Web to SMS services by Texta

Enter your message in the text area. In order to insert an unsubscribe link, click the down arrow under “personalise your SMS message” and select “unsubscribe link”. Here a short link is created that the person can click on and they will be taken to the unsubscribe page (Note: The link will take up approximately 20 characters of your message, so if you’re planning on only using one credit per message make sure you have some room for the link).

Finally makes sure you’ve accepted the terms of use and then click the schedule campaign button in order to send out the text messages.