In Texta, you can either add subscribers manually or through a bulk import.

Import subscribers using CSV files

A comma-separated values (CSV) file is used for the digital storage of data structured in a table of lists form, where each associated item (member) in a group is in association with others also separated by the commas of its set. Each line in the CSV file corresponds to a row in the table. Within a line, fields are separated by commas, each field belonging to one table column. Since it is a common and simple file format, CSV files are often used for moving tabular data between two different computer programs, for example between a database program and a spreadsheet program.

If you have an excel spreadsheet with the following columns

First Name Last Name Mobile Phone Number
James Brown 0212453786
Sally Taylor 02743468999

When this excel file is saved as a CSV file, if you view it (using Notepad or Text Edit) then the data will look something link this


Once you have a CSV file, you can import it in the “Import from CSV” section.

After your file has been uploaded to our server (happens in the background) you will be asked to verify whether or not the very first row of your CSV file contained actual data or the names of the columns in your CSV file.

Once you verify this, you will be given the opportunity to map the columns in your file with the columns in the mailing list.

On the left hand side you will see the columns in the mailing list and on the right hand side will be the drop down box enlisting all column headers extracted from the CSV file you just imported.

Once you have mapped all the fields, click on the “continue” button to complete the process.

After the import is complete, your list will go through our standard post import process during which time it will be locked and unavailable for use in a campaign.