Running a SMS Poll campaign

SMS Polls are a great way to get user feedback quickly and easily. Using the SMS poll campaign you can specify a multiple-choice type questionnaire, where your recipients can respond with their choice. Results will be shown in a pie chart form.

From the ‘Setup an email” – Campaign type screen

  • click the ‘Build Campaign’ button under the ‘Run an SMS Poll” option
  • Type the question for your poll – Which is your favourite fast food chain?
  • Select if you wish your Answer type to be Alphabetic ro Numeric
  • Type the Answer Options that you wish those responding to select from by clicking on the green plus button.
    • a. McDonald’s
    • b. Burger King
    • c. Wendy’s
    • d. Subway
  • click the ‘Continue to next step’ button
  • Texta, automatically generates the message with smart tags fro you. The request to reply, with the options is added to the bottom of the SMS. You can change the wording of the SMS but you will need to be careful not to alter the smart tags
  • Click on the ‘Continue to next step button’
  • Click the ‘Schedule Campaign’ button to send your SMS poll

Now sit back and watch the magic of Texta

You can review the replies by checking the ‘unique replied’ stats under your campaign.