To create a new SMS campaign, simply go to the Messages tab and click on the “Create New SMS Campaign” button.

  • Give your campaign a name (e.g. My First SMS)
  • Select the list(s) you wish to send this SMS to. For obvious reasons you must have something in the “Mobile Number” field before you can proceed.

Filtering Recipients

If you have selected more than 1 list, you will not going to be given the option to filter recipients from the two lists and will need to “Add all recipients” to proceed.

If you select only one list then you are able to filter recipients based on any combination of filters (fields).

Campaign Type

After you’ve selected the recipients for your SMS campaign, the next step in creating an SMS marketing campaign is to select what type of sms campaign you want to run. You have 3 options:

  • Bulk SMS – A standard message.
  • RSVP – Sends a message with an event name and time. Asks recipients to reply ‘Yes to confirm or No to decline’.
  • SMS Poll – Create a one question poll to ask recipients. Can have multiple choice questions.

Message Creation

After you’ve selected the type of campaign you want, the next step in creating an SMS marketing campaign is to create a personalized message.

The white box is where you can type a message (up to 153 characters). As you type your message, it will appear in the speech bubble on the left side illustrating what the final message may look like on a mobile phone screen.

Messages can be over 153 characters long, but you will be charged extra for longer messages. Charges will be, the applicable rate times per 153 character message.

Inserting a link inside a message

To insert a link inside a SMS, on the ‘Create SMS Message’ page

  • If you have not already created a link, use the ‘Add Link’ to create your new link. You will need to provide a “Link Name” and “URL”
  • Now go to the “Insert a external Link” drop down box and select you link

your link will now be added to you SMS.

Inserting Landing Page Link

You can also insert a link to a landing page inside an SMS so that WAP and Browser capable phones (smartphones) can view the landing page straight within the mobile device.

Click through to these landing pages are recorded inside the SMS analytics section.

To learn more about landing pages and how they work, check out our Live Pages App.

Personalizing your message

Use the “Insert Smart Tag” drop down list to personalize your message. In this list you will see every field that is marked active in your mailing list. Simply make your mouse cursor blink at the place you wish to add the personalization tag to and choose the relevant tag from the Smart Tags list to insert.

Schedule a campaign

The last step of creating a campaign is to specify when the message should be delivered.

You can either send your campaign straight away or schedule it to be sent at a future date and time.

Once you’ve made the appropriate selection, click on the “Send” button, sit back, relax and let it rip…