Roster Automation is just the coolest feature within Texta, that makes managing a sports team, handling club or office meetings, scheduled reminders or any type to be pre-scheduled, so that if you have to send reminders or check who will be attending, just let Texta handle it for you.

Texta’s Roster Automation allows you to set up reminder, event invites or just simply SMS blasts over a calender week, fortnight, month, months or year.

Importing a Roster into Roster Automation

Another way to add a Roster is to import your Roster via a CSV file.

If you are unsure how to format your roster, download the sample CSV file. The sample roster, can be found on the Roster Tab, Click on the ‘Import’ Button. Click on the ‘Click here to download sample CSV file’ link.

The top line in the sample is the header. Leave this as it is.

Now go through and edit the sample file by adding your own events, the date and time of your event, venues, A contact if required and a message. NB the format of the dates and times must be as per the sample file.

Save the file in CSV (MS-DOS) format. If your file is not in this format import will error.

From the ‘Roster’ tab

Click on the ‘Import’ button

Click on the ‘Choose a File’ button

Select the sample file that you just updated

Click on the ‘Upload File’ button

Your events will now be imported into your roster.