Text messaging contests like “SMS to win” can play an instrumental role in helping you promote your brand, products and services with immediate effect. In comparison to all other forms of sweepstakes and contests, an SMS contest is a lot easier to participate in and enjoys much higher rates of return. Here we have compiled a brief rundown of some of the most essential tips and tricks that you require to plan and execute a targeted SMS contest.

SMS contest benefits

A well planned and properly executed SMS contest gives you the perfect platform to build up anticipation and raise customer engagement around an event, product or service. These contests also help you filter all brand loyalists and valued customers into a single bulk SMS list.

An SMS contest can give you detailed insight into the popularity of your products or services and  in addition, SMS contests are also immensely beneficial when it comes to promoting a newly launched or forthcoming product/service. For example, if you are going to open a new continental restaurant in downtown Wellington, promoting it with an SMS contest with the promise that the winners will win exclusive free or discounted dinner packages may help you start on a high note.

The possibilities are endless. As a bulk SMS sender, all you need to do is come up with a creative idea that help you gain the maximum out of its rich offerings.

SMS contest ideas

* Polling the audience during a live show or event is an excellent idea that many organisations from benefit from. It’s not as hard as it may sound, either. All you need to do is incorporate a text messaging contest that selects a random winner from amongst all those who participated. When you do this during a live show, the audience become eager to try their luck — after all, it’s just an SMS that they need to send.

* You can also ask target customers to give their input on a certain issue via SMS. For example, you can ask them to rate a new movie or song via SMS with the promise that one lucky sender will win an exclusive price.

* SMS trivia contests are another popular form of text message marketing. For example, introduce a trivia contest on a sport, movie, celebrity or song, and choose a random winner from amongst those who gave the correct answer.

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