Just like all other forms of marketing, SMS marketing also has its fair share of limitations, vis-à-vis, ethics and regulations. There are things you do, and there are things you should refrain from doing. Ignoring these limitations may have adverse consequences upon not only your individual campaigns, but also upon your credentials as a brand. Therefore, we have come up with the following ‘to-do’s’ in order to help you develop a better understanding of what is expected of you as a bulk SMS sender.

1. Marketers, at all costs, must provide honest and sufficient information about the products or services they are promoting through bulk SMS. In addition, they are also required to reveal all the essential terms and conditions associated with the program in question.

For example, if you have a dedicated webpage that allows new users join your bulk SMS list, then you must provide details in that webpage exactly what sort of messages the recipients are likely to get in the future. Not just that, you will also have to specify how often they will be receiving these promotional SMS and other essential details.

2. Bulk SMS senders must include an opt-in as well as opt-out process to receive consent from the subscribers in their bulk messaging list. These processes must be configured to be executed via SMS opt in/out, a dedicated web form or via any other viable method. Also, the senders should regularly notify the recipients about the unsubscribe options periodically.

3. All bulk SMS senders must use the data collected from their respective user bases with responsibility and utmost sensitivity. While they are allowed to use that data for their business needs and interests with certain pre-specified limitations, the collected data must never be misused.

4. SMS marketers also required to take all necessary measures, on all fronts including technical, physical and administrative divisions, to provide safety to the data collected. The data can never be altered, exchanged, disclosed or shared for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

5. Senders must also take note of the fact it is illegal to send promotional SMS to users below 18 years. And if they must do, they must do it with the consent of guardian/parents etc.

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