What’s the best way to get your marketing texts go viral? Here are some text message marketing ideas

1.     Make sharing easy!

It’s only viral if it gets passed on many times over. What will make people want to forward your marketing texts? By making it really easy, for course! Keep your messages short and easy to read. Make it very interesting so that even non-subscribers would want to opt in your SMS subscriber list.

Here’s an idea: give your subscribers an incentive whenever they refer a friend to your list. Send them text vouchers or coupons. Did you know that consumers are 25% more likely to redeem a mobile coupon than any other type of coupon? It just makes sense because people have their phones with them all the time, making redemption easy and convenient.

2.     Tailor-fit your messages according to your target demographic

What’s your customer base like? Are they hip and on-the- go young professionals who are always looking for what’s new? Or are they stay-at-home moms who are always on the lookout for shopping deals?

SMS marketing efforts are most likely to go viral if you use language and content that your market can relate to.

3.     Make your offer stand out

Your SMS subscribers may be the busiest and most preoccupied lot, which may make it hard for you to get their attention.

So what to do?

Make your offers unique and valuable to them. Make them feel special. Don’t offer the same discount or gift all the time—if you are, up the ante by giving them a higher discount or an additional gift just because they’re your subscriber.

4.     Capitalize on holidays and special occasions

People look forward to holidays. Make them look forward to them more by offering a special gift, discounts or promos on these special occasions. Your subscribers are more likely to pass on these messages, too.

Don’t just send bulk SMS on a set schedule—send special SMS based on certain dates.

5.     Integrate with other marketing efforts

Marketing campaigns become more successful when business owners use an integrated approach. Your text message marketing need not stand alone—you can integrate it with your other marketing efforts.

Here’s another tip: Do you have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a mailing list? Send texts to your subscribers to urge them to visit your website, or subscribe to your email list and your social media pages!