In the chaos of the holiday season, a lot of your marketing efforts would tend to get lost in the clutter. How are customers going to remember you and your specific offer when they are being told of many such offers at the same time? How do you guarantee that they will come to you over the competition? One of the best possible ways to alleviate this would be to understand that in the midst of the busy hustle, people are also in a festive mood. So why not host an event this season that puts your customers in the right mood and in fact brings them right to you?

The concept of brand activations is not a new one – but have you thought of it in the context of the end of year season before? Events automatically bring in more customers to your store giving you the option of creating an entertaining brand experience while being able to personally demonstrate the benefits of your product. If nothing else, you are creating a very different type of hype and buzz around your company that will stand out against the clutter making your experience with consumers a more memorable one.

Also, an event doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be throwing a party. You could also look at it as a way of engaging with different communities this season and understanding their real issues. Could you organize a clothing drive? If you are a restaurant, could you give your customers a chance to engage with you in a seasonal soup kitchen for the homeless? You are giving your consumers a chance to engage with a good cause and also extending your brand identity to a social cause instead of fighting the seasonal clutter. This could go a long way for your brand, beyond just the season.

Get creative and think of ways your brand, product or service could engage with your different audiences during this festive season – how do you bring them to you without it all being about the end sale? The point is that the end sale should come automatically and your objective should be engagement and not merely sales. Holiday events give people a chance to engage with each other and with you as long as you understand your brand’s core DNA and bring an event to life that will relate to it. If you want your customers to remember you, you need to give them a good, solid reason to do so in the midst of the chaos they face wherever they go this season.