If more and more of your clients are just not showing up for their hair, nail or makeup appointments, you will start to see a decrease in monthly profits. For each client that fails to show, another could have taken their place if they had only known a spot had opened up.

The Beauty of Text Messaging

In addition to being an inexpensive way to market your hair salon’s services, sending messages directly to clients helps reduce ‘no-shows’ and allows you to quickly fill ‘suddenly open’ appointment slots.

Use sms software to send reminders to those who have upcoming appointments (later in the day or next day). This not only reminds those who are forgetful, but also gives clients a chance to reschedule or cancel. You can then fill in open appointments by contacting other clients and asking if they want to come in early.

Marketing Goods and Services

Bulk text messaging may also be used to promote your hair salon to increase the number of clients you see each day. Send text messages to:

  • Promote holiday or special sales and offers
  • Promote new services or products
  • Introduce new hair stylists, nail technicians, or makeup artists
  • Announce new or expanded business hours

Staying in contact with clients also allows you to sell additional hair care and other beauty products.

Additional text message marketing ideas that may increase profits and promote client loyalty:

  • Hold a one-day only discount on hair salon services and products
  • Send a message to a few regular clients to promote the goods and services they request the most
  • Announce an in-store contest for prizes and discounts

There are many ways to promote your hair salon using a text message service.

Get Clients to Sign-Up

When new and existing clients walk in, ask for their name, phone number, email and permission to send text messages and email messages periodically. Mention that you typically send appointment reminders and information about upcoming sales and more people will gladly provide you with this information. Offer a small discount or other offer to get more people to comply.