Keeping people motivated to visit your gym can be difficult. In most cases, it’s not that people aren’t satisfied with your services; it’s that they have simply lost interest in exercising and staying active. But with mobile campaigns, you can help maintain that motivation to keep a steady stream of clients moving through your gym. You can also easily share important information and send reminders about classes and training sessions.

Become a Motivational Guru

In addition to providing quality gym equipment, trainers, work-out packages and other incentives to maintain a solid client base, become a motivational guru by sending mass text messages containing exercise and diet tips, motivational sayings, encouraging remarks and other helpful tips.

While some of your clients have a strong support network including friends and family, many don’t. Those who have little support often give up faster than those who receive consistent encouragement. By sending inspirational and motivational messages to clients, you effectively become a support network – this is that ‘little extra something’ that will keep clients coming back.

Send Reminders

Send reminders to clients about upcoming exercise classes and training sessions to prevent ‘no-shows’ or less than full workout classes. You can also send messages about:

  • Upcoming classes
  • New gym equipment
  • Introduce new trainers
  • Update/changes to gym hours
  • Specials/discounts on classes and training sessions

Being able to quickly reach your clients all at once saves time and money in advertising and reduces absenteeism and client turnover.

Marketing Gym Services

Market new gym services such as specialized training sessions, workouts for specific clients (overweight, pregnant, disabled, etc.) through bulk text messaging. This will reduce marketing costs because you won’t have to print as many brochures and fliers announcing new services.

Marketing to existing clients is also a great way to increase your client base. Word-of-mouth advertising is still very powerful and using text messages to get people talking about your gym is an easy way to immediately spread the word. For example, imagine one of your clients is having lunch with a friend and they receive a text message announcing a new spin class. Your client may mention the text to their friend who may have an interest in taking the class. That friend may tell others about the class as well.

Being able to provide instant information about upcoming classes including dates, times and brief descriptions allows clients to quickly share this information with others.