Email to SMS can be one of the most useful email campaign tools in your bag of tricks. Essentially, it’s the practice of sending an email message – and if you’re using it for marketing purposes, it’ll be a mass email message to a hopefully huge list of active, subscribed followers – to your recipient’s cell phone. If you’re thinking that there’s a great potential to screw up by doing this, you’re right.

The biggest flub you could possibly perpetrate is to make your email to SMS message way too long. This seems intuitive, but you’d be surprised at the number of mobile marketing recipients who regularly receive messages that are either too big to be processed, or that arrive in five separate deliveries because they were too long to get through in one piece.

If you’re dealing with a customer with a limited SMS plan, you’ve probably just created a recipe for dealing with a hostile customer. Or a lost customer. Or both. In either case, don’t mess around with this particular email campaign tool. Keep all email to SMS messages Twitter-length, at most. That’s 140 characters for you non-Tweeters out there. In other words, very brief. If not, you should be ready to incur the wrath of an annoyed customer base.