Brevity is a certainly a crucial part of SMS marketing, but wordiness is not the only way to lose subscribers. Look out for these common mistakes to ensure your subscribers stay engaged with your campaigns.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is failing to be relevant. This is a much bigger concept that moves beyond the sphere of email to SMS and really encompasses the whole of bulk SMS marketing. By failing to be relevant, we’re not just talking about dropping the ball with respect to giving your customers the kinds of things they really appreciate, like discounts, coupons, and opportunities to buy products before the general public. And it’s more than keeping up with current trends. What we’re talking about goes much deeper. It’s something you might call “the billboard syndrome.”

Far too many companies take a billboard approach to their marketing methods. You’ve probably seen it before, a company website that’s nothing more than a static online advertisement. It’s possible to make this same mistake in email, just as it’s possible to make the same mistake in bulk SMS marketing. For example, SMS messages that say something like “Eat at Joe’s! We’re open ‘til midnight!” are useless to your subscribers and won’t do much to bring them in. On the other hand, an SMS message that reads “Try the new cheese fries at Joe’s, 50 percent off between 8pm and midnight!” will get people interested.

Bulk SMS marketing needs a reason to exist, and should never be viewed as just another way to advertise to your customers. Appeal to them with relevancy, and they’ll respond.