With all the changes to digital marketing in the last few years, there may be none as striking as the rise in SMS marketing. The ability the reach consumers at any time and any place – and with a “personal” form of communication, no less – has changed the rules of marketing forever. SMS bulk pricing is lower than it’s ever been, so getting in contact with your customers is less of a hurdle and ever. For retail stores in particular, SMS marketing offers a unique way to stay in touch with your customers and offer valuable services.

Here a few best practices from our marketing team about how to use text message marketing for your retail business…

1.       Start slow – The temptation with New Zealand bulk sms, or SMS marketing anywhere for that matter, is to bombard your new customers with sales pitches. You worked hard to get permission to text them, though, so why waste it on junky sales pitches that will get you ignored or even blocked? Start by sending a welcome message, and find a good welcome sms template if you’re confused about structure. Then send useful things, like shipping updates, to establish trust with your customers. Once you’ve done this, the occasional marketing text is ok – but don’t overdo it.

2.       Be professional – Even though you’re sending text messages, it’s important to be professional. Business relationships are still about trust, and if you find spelling errors or grammar mistakes in your messages, you’ll find your trust start to slip in a hurry. Get good software and an editor to make sure everything you send is top-notch.

3.       Keep it brief – Texting is an efficient way to communicate, so don’t waste people’s time by sending them marathon text messages. Keep it in check, send short and succinct messages, and use services like bit.ly or tinyurl if you need to link to more in-depth information.