Not everyone is taking part in the text marketing revolution, but if you’re a restaurant owner or manager, you should be. Marketers are using SMS for a wide variety of purposes these days, from using sms for debt collections to gym text marketing in New Zealand, and all of them are finding the ability to reach consumers on what has typically been considered a “personal” form of communication very useful. Restaurants are no different, and combining text marketing with an already-existing email campaign can help your visibility and your bottom line.

Read on to find out how your restaurant can take advantage of this marketing opportunity…

1.      Build trust – Text marketing is no different from any other form of marketing, and pestering your recipients with a barrage of sales pitches is likely to drive them away. Starting with useful text messages, like order updates, is a great way to get your customers used to receiving emails from your account. Sending a sms welcome message is a good way to get things started if customers have recently signed up for your text service.

2.      Be timely – With restaurants, the value of sms marketing comes in its ability to catch consumers at any time of day. Whereas emails get deleted or automatically routed to folders, texts are usually read when they are received, and a well-placed text offer sent just before lunch time could turn the tide in an office group’s decision on where to eat. Enough of these and you’ve built yourself a following.

3.      Be professional – While you’re obviously not marketing financial services, being professional is still important for any business. You can be fun – and we encourage fun – but keep the “text-speak” and poor punctuation out of your marketing messages. Restaurants still need to come across as well-run businesses, and a series of unprofessional texts is a great way to undermine that impression.