Is your small business using SMS Marketing?  If you are not using some type of bulk sms service, then you are definitely missing the boat when it comes to delivering your marketing message to the masses.  Many businesses want to stay current when it comes to advertising, but they seem to be missing the mark with deliverability.  Truthfully, SMS marketing is the best spend for your advertising dollar.  There are many excellent ways to deliver your message and get a response back from your niche market. 

Here are a few of those methods…

1.       Use a QR code.  You have seen these codes almost everywhere you look these days, it is a code that is similar to the old familiar bar code.  The code is scanned by a smart phone user and is then taken to a video message or to a landing page.  Since text messages are limited to 160 characters, sending your customers to these two options can allow you more time and space to devote to the delivery of your message.

2.       Create a contest that people will be compelled to enter.  A contest can be announced through a welcome SMS message and it can generate a great deal of excitement, depending upon what the offering is.  People love free stuff, so the better the prize, the more response you can expect to receive.  If you want to encourage people to share with friends and family, you can have them send in a code to enter to win.  At the same time that they send in the code to enter the contest, you can have them opt in to receive further messages from you, that way you can market to them over and over again.

3.       Provide a freebie that people will find useful.  Apps are one of the things that people download to their phones and other devices that they will open repeatedly.  If the app contains a link to your site or links to items you sell, then as long as your app is on their device, they will visit your site to make a purchase.  Offering a freebie is just one of many text message marketing ideas that are helping businesses to grow.

If you want to grow your business to the next level, consider how an SMS campaign can help you to do that.  Professional SMS marketers are available to guide you through the creation and delivery of your message and to discuss your small business marketing  needs.