1.       Contests are easy and quick to promote, you don’t need to send a big long explanation.  In less than 160 characters, you can convey the fact that you are running a contest and that there are prizes to be had.  People are sure to respond and react because, simply put, people love freebies and they love the chance to win prizes.

2.       Be sure to let people know the limitations of your contest including when it starts, when it ends, what the rules are, what the prizes are, and how many prizes are available.  You can simply send a link in your initial message which directs people to a page where they can review all of the information and get answers to their questions all in one place.  This can all be included in an SMS welcome message that is sent to new subscribers.

3.       Contests can help to create a buzz about your business and get your brand name out there.  While at one point it may be that no one knows your name, before long your business will be a hot topic amongst people.  Creating that buzz is the goal of every contest and it is completely doable with a professional who knows how to implement these ideas.

There is no need to stumble along and try to figure out how you will create “buzz” amongst your subscribers.  All you need to do is find a reliable sms text marketing service that is familiar with creating a campaign and the excitement that a contest can illicit amongst your subscribers.  You don’t have to offer the moon, just think of some items or services that your customers would love to have access to.  So long as the items are free of charge, your subscribers will be interested in the prize.