So the mobile revolution has finally arrived as a leading new-generation marketing tactic. With the rapid expansion of mobile devices, businesses are coming in terms with the fact that SMS marketing can be one of the most efficient and effective tools to promote themselves as well as their products and services.

But, like all other aspects of your multidimensional marketing strategies, SMS or text marketing also requires some serious strategies in order to yield the desired result in the long run.

Here are three essential strategies that marketing professionals can rely upon for fine tuning their SMS marketing campaigns…

1. Never waste precious time waiting to form a target mobile list

Having a comprehensive list of existing and potential customers is the ultimate goal for all marketing professionals. But when it comes to text marketing, never waste time trying to first come up with that dream-list of yours. Of course, you will need that list eventually — the sooner the better.

However, until you accomplish that objective, do consider acquiring mobile numbers by other means such as signage at events, stores, billboards and so on. Also, try to gather as many email and mobile opt-ins as possible — this way you will be maximizing customer engagement across multiple channels simultaneously.

2. Choose the best partner

Choosing the adequate partner is essential for getting the maximum out of your SMS marketing campaigns. To send a sizeable volume of bulk SMS, you must have at your disposal a specialized messaging infrastructure alongside an experienced SMS service provider who can guarantee successful delivery. After all, if you cannot have guaranteed delivery, then how will you be able to know whether or not the intended recipient ever got your promotional messages? 

3. Be relevant and timely

Always be sure that the messages you send in your text messaging campaigns are relevant to what you deal in. Don’t send multiple messages in a day — that will be really annoying for the recipients. And while we are on the subject, be mindful to send messages at a respectful time — after all sending text ads in the middle of dinner is not something your target customer base can be amused with.