It’s true that, so far, text message marketing has proved itself to be a superior platform when it comes to open rates, but what’s the benefit of having a higher open rate if your recipients are not taking action? To help you make your next text campaign more effective and fruitful, we have come up with a list of 10 essential strategies that you can always refer to regardless of your size or stature in the market…

Just like all other aspects in your multi-dimensional marketing efforts, sms marketing is a serious task that involves some serious strategy making. In the absence of an adequate strategy and the ability to make tactical changes as per changing market trends, you can’t really expect much from it.

1. It’s important that your sms marketing campaigns are focused on only those who have opted in to your text marketing list. Any campaign based on a purchased or exchanged list rarely give the desired outcome in isolation. If you’re planning going down the bought list route, make sure that you use email listing cleaning software to avoid any spam complaints or ISP issues.

2. Always be careful while deciding on how many texts you wish to deliver for individual campaigns. If you knowingly or unknowingly start sending countless messages to your recipients, you will soon lose credibility as well as impact. Also, your subscribers will be more likely to opt out.

3. Include a convincing call-to-action button in each individual message for maximum results. Mention the deadline when the promotion is due to expire — this will get your audience moving in the desired manner.

4. Don’t use complicated keywords. By adding short and relevant keywords in your campaigns, you raise your chances of being remembered — and responded to by more people.

5. It’s recommended that you start your promotional messages with your brand name — this way the recipients will immediately come to know who the message is from. If you’ve built up trust over the long term, even better.