When used carefully, bulk SMS marketing can be an immensely valuable asset for small as well as large scale businesses alike. That’s why we are going to discuss the benefits of text marketing and some essential techniques that you can use to leverage on this promising platform for expanding your business.

Benefits of SMS marketing

* The lighting speed of text marketing ensures you instant deliverability. It literally takes just a few seconds to put your promotional messages into your target customers’ mobile phones. According to available statistics, the average time taken by all mobile service providers to deliver text messages is 7 seconds from the moment it was sent.

* When compared to email marketing, text marketing tends to have a much higher open rate. Almost all promotional text messages are opened by their recipients, but the same can’t be said for email marketing.

* With short codes, opting in or out of an SMS marketing campaign has become pretty easy — and moreover, in most cases customers even don’t need to provide any additional personal data except for their mobile phone numbers.

Using text message marketing

* You can always start with the idea of giving freebies (such as free coupons or special discounts on your products or services) to those customers who sign up to your text marketing list. In any case, to encourage relevant sign-ups with the promise of free gifts seems to be one of most viable ways to get started.

* Once you build a decent-sized SMS text marketing list, your next objective should be to engage your subscribers with various contests, special offers etc.

* Don’t shy away from using event reminders or customer appreciation coupons on special occasions such as someone’s birthday.

* Make your text message marketing strategy a part of your other marketing endeavours as well. Include opportunities to sign up for your mailing list on your website, social media pages and vice versa.